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Key: A dor Form: Reel ABC: |:B|A/A/A (BA) GAAB|A/A/A (BA) edde|G2 (BA) BGGB| c2 (BA) BGGB| A/A/A (BA) GAAB|A/A/A (BA) edda|gedB GABd|{d}e2 dB eAA:| |:B|A/A/A a2 A/A/A g2| Aage ageg|G2 (BA) BGGB| c2 (BA) BGGB| [1A/A/A a2 A/A/A g2| Aage agea| gedB GABd|{B}e2 dB eAA:| [2A/A/A (BA) GAAB|A/A/A (BA) edda| […]

Brenda Stubbert’s

Key: Em Form: Polka ABC: |:E>F GA|Be ef/e/|dB AG|FD DF|E>F GA|Be ef/e/|dB AF|E2E2:| g>e fd|eB Bc|d>B AG|FD Df|g>e fd|eB BB/c/|d>B AF|E2Ef| g>e fd|eB Bc|d>B AG|FD DF|E>F GA|Be ef/e/|dB AF|E2E2|] MP3: Download this MP3  If it plays, right-click on the page and “Save as”. (Detailed instructions) Sheet Music: Click image to enlarge. […]

Riding on a Load of Hay