Lonesome Moonlight Waltz

Key: F

Form: Waltz

“Dm”{c}d2-df (3dcA | {c}d2-df dc | “F”A2-Ac (3AGF | “Dm”[A,4F]-[A,F]A |
“Dm”{c}d2-df (3dcA | {c}d2-df dA | “G”[G2B]-G^F “E7″G^G | “A”[A6^c] |
“Dm”{c}d2-df (3dcA | {c}d2-df dc | “F”A2-Ac (3AGF | “Dm”[A,4F]-[A,F]A |
“C”{B}c2-cc (3G^GA | {B}c2-c{^c}d GA/G/ | “F”F6-|F2 “F7″[A,F][A,F] [A,F][CF] ||
“Bb”D4 (3DFG | F4 G2 | “F”A2-AF Ad | c4 A2 |
“G”[G2B]-GG Bd | B[GB]-[G4B] | “C”[c2e]-[ce]c (3cec | “A7″[^c6e] |
“Dm”{c}d2-df (3dcA | {c}d2-df dc | “F”A2-Ac (3AGF | “Dm”[A,4F]-[A,F]A |
“C”{B}c2-cc (3G^GA | {B}c2-c{^c}d GA/G/ | “F”F2-FF (3{G}Acd | [A6f] ||


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Source (if known): Commonly attributed to Bill Monroe but may be traditional*

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Region: USA, Appalachia

*Notes:  I am unable to find any copyright information for this tune, but if contacted by the copyright owner I’ll gladly post the copyright or, sadly, take the tune down at their request.